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Lay Leaders


The Council, composed of nine elected lay members, meets monthly to conduct parish business. All parish members are welcome to attend Council meetings. 

Felicia Layser Robertson , President
Sandra Sprague, Vice President
Laurie Holland, Treasurer, Finance
Jeanne Kreter-Killian, Secretary, Altar Guild
Sam Arriola, House

Susie Barnes, Children's Ministry

Johannes Raedeker, Buildings & Grounds

Felicia Layser Robertson, Communications

Candy Simonen, Building Use

Church Committees

Events: Felicia Layser Robertson & Sandra Sprague

Plans and coordinates church events.

Fair Exchange: Sandra Sprague

Financial Secretary: Rene Kvidahl
Oversees budgets and financial allocations.

Social Concerns: Sam Arriola

Informs and organizes the church to serve and learn in social justice activities.

Worship: Gretchen Kell

Plans and coordinates worship services.


Worship Coordinators
  • Polly Coote, lectors

  • Dee Hughes & Jeanette Wallin, coffee hour hosts

  • Rene Kvidahl, Financial Secretary

  • Sandra Sprague, Ushers

Monthly Gatherings

SOTH Book Club: Lillian Howan

Priscilla Circle: Candy Simonen

Handwork: Candy Simonen

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