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Are you ready to grow in grace?


You've arrived at our door. You may not have made the decision to walk in yet, but you have reached the right place. Shepherd of the Hills are committed Christians, seekers, and people who aren’t sure if they belong in a church. We come together because of grace. Whether or not we’re ready for it, whether or not we have all the details worked out, whether or not we think we are good enough, Jesus Christ enters our lives, changes us, and through us, changes our world...

We are committed to:

  • living together as a Christian family

  • taking nothing for granted as we ask hard questions,

  • growing spiritually through Christian practices

  • giving our children the gift of faith

  • and making a difference in our communities and our world.

Come and see.

Since 1988, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church has been a Reconciling in Christ congregation! We are celebrating 35 years this year!

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